Wavestorm Paddle Board 9’6 Review : Is It Really Worth It?

Overview Of The Wavestorm

​Value For Money

​Ease of Use



  • ​It is more durable than the fiberglass SUPs
  • ​Has a light density which makes it float very easily.
  • ​The foam makes the SUP very safe especially for beginners
  • check
    ​It is affordable and easily available at Costco paddleboard compared to other SUPs of the same caliber.


  • ​It is less rigid compared to the fiberglass SUPs, which makes it hard to control on the waves.
  • ​It is also hard to paddle on compared to the fiberglass SUP
  • ​Can only support 250lbs
  • check
    ​It comes with permanent fins
  • check
    ​The aluminum paddle is heavier than the carbon cables.

Wavestorm Paddle Board 9’6 Specifications

The specifications of the Wavestorm paddle board are what make it stand out from the other SUPs. It is 9’6 in length which increase the surface area and stability.

The board comes with adjustable paddles suitable for different heights.

An ankle leash is attached underneath the board; therefore, you will not lose your board in case you get knocked out by the waves.

The most interesting parts of this magnificent paddleboard are the expanded polystyrene Core and a Water Barrier Skin crosslink Top Deck and Rails.

These are the unique aspects which were not included on the previous versions of Wavestorm paddle boards.

The board is 25.1lbs making it one of the lightest. It has a storage strap as well as three marine wood stringers. The paddle is made of aluminum attached to a plastic blade.

The specifications make this board unique and outstanding when compared to other types of SUP.

Special Features

Most people prefer a board with foam surface, a feature introduced by Wavestorm in all its boards. Other boards have fiberglass or epoxy which makes them rather heavy and hard.

Furthermore, the Wavestorm Paddleboard comes with all other accessories such as extendable paddles, a leash, and a storage bag.

If you are wondering where to buy one of these exceptional boards, visit any Costco store and you will be helped. The boards retail at a very pockets friendly price.

The surface of this paddle board is specifically designed to increase the balance and comfortability of the surfer. The top is soft but not enough to be slippery giving your feet a fine grip on it. It also planes perfectly and can withstand the oceans waves and water currents pretty well.

The weight of the board is just amazing; you can comfortably carry it one-handed without strain. The board itself can support up to 275lbs, at least that’s what is recommended. The fact that it can hold at least two light people is really cool.

If you are a surfer like me, you will find the leash okay, but it seemed odd to my daughter as she is still learning how to surf. The leash is 10' long which might appear as short, but that's the standard length. Most surfers prefer longer leashes.

Another important feature is the high density expanded polystyrene core. This is a feature seen in many other beginner paddle boards, although many manufacturers prefer using foam to cut down production costs. As a beginner, you are definitely bound to have a couple of crushes on the surface or on rocks.

The foam prevents your paddle board from taking extra damages. This is an advantage of foam boards over fiberglass boards which breaks when smashed onto the rocks. The foam also comes handy in protecting your board from normal accidents around the corner or when placing it down.

I find the durability of Wavestorm SUP very exceptional. The board has three marine stringers which brace the board against harsh conditions. The stringers also stiffness the boards although it does not make it super stiff as the fiberglass SUPs it won't break.

One feature that motivated me to purchase the Wavestorm paddle board 9’6 for my daughter is because it is specially designed for beginners especially kids.

The foam surface is beginner friendly, bearing in mind that one will have to crash several times before getting the vibe of it. You do not want your kid or yourself to crack their skulls on a massive glass board, horrific! The foam also makes the SUP very light, and kids can carry it around with ease. Fiberglass SUPs are quite heavy compared to foam SUP.

The inclusion of a waterproof storage bag is a genius addition by Wavestorm. Paddlers just love this little bag. With this bag, paddlers can saddle their little belonging which they would have left at the beach and carry with them. This might include drinking water, a life jacket or a phone.

I was super thrilled by the paddle that came with my board. It is very solid, and an adjustable handle came as a surprise, I did not expect it.

The paddle is itself made of aluminum which is very light bar and a plastic blade at its bottom. The paddle is unmatched even as other manufacturers opt to the development of carbon bars which are also very light.

The paddle is very strong and does not give in to the waves. The length of the paddle is 6.5 feet when stretched and can be adjusted to obtain its desired length.

​The SUP comes with a plastic fin which can be fixed easily. I prefer using my own fins on my surfboards although this doesn’t matter much as a beginner.

About Wavestorm

No one can make Wavestorm paddle board reviews without mentioning wavestorm paddle board 9’6.

Wavestorm paddle and surfboards have gained popularity since they made a debut into the market over a decade ago.

The ability of Wavestorm to develop perfectly manicured boards that suit all members of the surf community is unrivaled.

Their products range from surfboards for beginners, intermediate and pro surfers.

In the recent years, Wavestorm have further stolen the hearts of beach lovers by inventing the standup paddleboard (SUP). This was a big breakthrough as it not only made surfing easier for beginners, but it also attracted the non-surfing beach lovers.

The latest of the SUPs are the Wavestorm paddle board 9’6. In this article, we will explore all there is to know about Wavestorm SUP 9’6. Let's get to it.

Frequently asked questions

Is wavestorm 9’6 paddle board good for beginners?

The answer is yes. Actually, it is recommended for anyone who is looking to venture into surfing. As stated above, the board is very good as it can withstand severe conditions, whether it is on flat water or on solid waves. It gives beginners a great chance to learn to balance from a tender age.

How do I start using the SUP?

The first lesson for any stand-up paddler or a surfer is learning how to balance. To master this trick, you will need to identify the quietest waters without waves. Also, ensure that the water is deep enough to prevent your fin from smashing the rocks below.

When you are confident enough of your environment, climb onto the middle of your board and kneel on it. Paddle while kneeling until you get the feel of it.

When you are confident enough, take a step at a time to stand on the board, taking one foot at a time, balancing your center of gravity on the middle of the board.

An easy way to achieve this is by ensuring that your shoulders are in line with your feet which should be parallel to the stringers. To maintain a better balance, bend your knee a little bit.

How do I paddle the SUP?

Now that you are on your feet and balancing pretty well, you will need to move, which can only be achieved by paddling. So how do you paddle? Before you begin to paddle, you should remember that the top hand is used to steer the paddle while the lower hand bends the paddle to the right direction.

You are advised to use your paddle as a lever rather than just smashing it on water. For a forward move, you should stretch your paddle forward and dig it deep into the water.

After this pull yourself using the paddle as a lever, keeping balance on the board. Do two or three strokes on the left side and then switch three strokes to the right. Remember to keep straight when paddling.

Whenever you are turning, use the paddle as the lever by sticking it onto the opposite direction of your turn and shove your body on to the desired direction.

A few attempts should perfect these skills but should not tempt you into rushing for the waves. You will be frustrated, a step at a time. Always align your feet with the stringers and keep your hands well positioned on the paddles.

How do I carry the SUP?

Now, remember that a SUP is bigger than surfboard hence you cannot carry it the same way. The most convenient way to carry the SUP is by lifting it onto your shoulders. Wavestorm is yet to introduce handles on its SUPs but until then, just put it on your shoulder.

How to maintain a SUP?

If properly maintained, SUPs can stay for several years depending on the use and model. After using your wavestorm paddle Board, you are advised to rinse it completely with fresh water.

Wash every part of it including the leash. This will rid the salt, sand and as well as other sea debris which might be attached to your board.

You should also dismantle the paddle and rinse it with fresh water. After cleaning, store your SUP in a clean, dry shade away from the sun.

Remember, if exposed to the sun for a long time, the SUP can get badly damaged. If you want a great paddling experience, keep your SUP in good condition.

Waxing your SUP comes handy as a method of maintaining your SUP. Fortunately, the foam on wavestorm Paddleboard replaces the need for wax. In case your board gets slippery, just rub sand on it and you will be good to go.

Our Conclusion on Wavestorm 9' 6 Paddelboard

​To sum it all up, wavestorm paddleboard 9’6 is the best, according to me, paddleboard for beginners available in the market. It was designed with a beginner paddler in mind, therefore, catering for all the challenges faced by beginners.

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