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Sharkbanz vs. Shark Shield - Which One Helps Avoid Getting Bit..

Sharkbanz vs. Shark Shield – Which Works Best?!

“This Sounds A Little Far Fetched”

When my wife first read about shark repellent bands she was immediately reminded of those anti-mosquito bands that blazed the trail for hi-tech bug repellent.

So in true anti-authoritative fashion, I figured hey what the heck, why not put these bad boys to the test by surfing in one of the most densely populated shark attack spots in the world.

Shark Deterrent Bands 101

Commonly used by divers, surfers, swimmers, and frequent beach visitors; these are said to be most useful to keep yourself from shark attacks.

There are various types of shark repellents such as magnetic, spray, electrical and acoustic.

Their effective percentages vary on what situation you are dealing with shark repellents interfere with the shark’s sense of finding their prey thus keep you safe near the sea.

This device needs to be a fully working condition at each use.

You cannot make compromises with safety. Therefore, you should consider some essential things before buying shark deterrent bands:

  • The manufacturer should be a well-known one.
  • Do not settle for the less costly ones for the sole purpose that they are cheap. Buy long-lasting ones if you frequent these areas.
  • Always check them before purchase and before each use. Replace them whenever you feel it’s necessary

​The two brands we are considering are popular amongst users; Sharkbanz and Shark Shield are producers of a variety of repellents varying from the need to need. 

Alright alright, so hat’s the best choice…Sharkbanz or Shark Shield?!!

1. Sharkbanz Review (Top Pick)

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How effective are Sharkbanz?!

Sharkbanz is one of the most well-known brands for producing shark repellents using magnetic technology certified by a few famous scientists, though it is relatively new.

Positively charged metals can create a similar electric current underwater.

When a shark approaches a person using sharkbanz technology, these bands release magnetic waves in the seas and tamper with the electro-receptors causing it to turn it.

Sharkbanz has many products such as Sharkbanz 2, Anti Shark 100 and the Noshark.

  • ​Reduce Shark Interaction
  • ​Child-Friendly
  • Does not work on many species

What I like

The Advantages Of Sharkbanz Are As Follows:

No use of chemicals, batteries, and electricity

The Sharkbanz technology doesn’t use chemicals, batteries or power which is why they are safe in the water.

They have no risk of zapping the users.

The magnetic technology used in the following bands was discovered when a scientist dropped a magnet in a tank with sharks.

They noticed how the sharks quickly darted away from magnet.  It turns out magnets may have a similar effect on sharks as electrical fields.

​SharkBanz 2 is one of the most famous shark repellents for surfers.

It uses no batteries, chemicals, or electricity to stop the predator’s attack.


​Reduce Shark Interaction

Do Sharkbanz work? The answer is yes, these bands reduce interactions with sharks for people who frequently visit the ocean.

They can carry out their activities with being in constant fear that a shark may attack them.

Sharkbanz is tested to work on sharks such as bull sharks and small tiger sharks however the test with white sharks stemmed a negative result. Shark Shocker didn’t respond to our requests for information on its testing.

Though it does reduce the chances of shark interactions, it not 100% guaranteed that it will work.

At the beginning of the year 2017, a boy wearing sharkbanz protection was bitten by a shark raising questions as to if this technology is useful or not.



Does Sharkbanzs work well for children? The technology used in the Sharkbanz repellents is safe, and it also provides a range of bands for children.

Since the technology used in sharkbanz bracelets do not use any type of electrical or chemical technology, children do not have a fear of being zapped by their bands.

This is a suitable method of waterproofing

What I Don't like

Does not work on many species

​The shark deterrent bands from this brand are excellent and safe however they do not work on many species of the sharks such as white sharks.

Thus, they are not too reliable and won’t always work in for every occasion.

2. Shark Shield Review

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Shark Shield is also a brand which produces shark repellents for those ocean-loving people too.

However, it uses a technology different from the technology used in Sharkbanz devices.

Shark Shield uses electrical technology to repel sharks.

Electrical shark deterrents claim to work by emitting a small electrical current into the water, which interferes with special sensing organs sharks have in their snout.

These organs detect tiny electrical currents given off by their prey, such as from the heartbeat of a nearby fish. When overstimulated, the sensory organs spasm, forcing the shark to turn away.

Shark Shield is the only electrical repellent on the market that’s been independently shown to be effective at deterring sharks from biting.

Shark Shield products have stops attacks from white and tiger sharks.  However, it may not do the same every time.

  • Good Battery
  • Multiple Uses
  • Shark Shield tech interferes with dive computers
  • Can only work in Seawater
  • Can shock the user
  • Harmful to patients
  • Quite expensive

What I like

The advantages of using the Shark Shield are as follows:


Shark Shield products have been around for a very long time and are nowhere near being run out of business.

This goes to show that this brand is trusted by many individuals and people make purchases from their websites a lot.

Over the past few years, its sales have risen considerably.

It also has an extensive range of products for all kinds of needs.

They are cost-efficient ones as well which people with financial restraints can buy. Worry not, their quality will be just as flawless as that of the more costly ones. The only compromise would be on how they last.


Good Battery

The battery life of Shark Bands and devices last up to a good long 7 hours.

It means you have plenty of time to complete your excursions without worrying about shark attacks. The battery needs a lot of time to charge afterward as well.


Multiple Uses

Shark shield provides its users with a vast variety of products used in kayaking, SUPing, Diving, surfing and plenty of other exciting activities.

But while Shark Shield has been shown to be effective at least some of the time, it turns out not all electrical repellents are created equally.

Researchers found that electrical repellents compacted into an anklet were ineffective at repelling sharks.

What I Don't like

The negative point of Shark Shield is as follows:


Shark Shield tech interferes with dive computers

Some users have complained as to how the electrical technology in the Shark Shield bands or installation devices interferes with the divers’ computers which they need to record data.

They have either entirely wiped their data or rendered device altogether useless. People had many complaints as well.


Can only work in Seawater

Shark Shield devices need to conduct electricity to operate which is why they are only able to work in sea water.

You cannot use to defend yourself in freshwater bodies. Thus you will need to pick another item to protect yourself in freshwater.


Can shock the user

The user can get an electric shock if the antenna is slightly touched when they are submerged under water.

This can be life-threatening, and children cannot use this as they are not careful enough. The same can be said for adults if their tasks require them to be more alert about their surroundings than their gear.


Harmful to patients

Anyone with heart conditions of any description, epilepsy, and blood pressure issues are advised to seek medical advice before use.

People who have pacemakers or are pregnant must not use the Shark Shield and should also avoid swimming near any other person using the Shark Shield.

Researchers have commented on these products such as:

If sharks use electrical currents to find their food, wouldn’t strap an electrical device to your leg attract a shark to come in for a closer look?

That’s a genuine concern for some people, and we’re told of surfers using these devices being asked to get out of the water by others nearby.

But Huveneers told us it’s unlikely an electrical shark deterrent would attract sharks.
“Even though sharks are capable of detecting minute electric fields, they mostly use this sense at close range.

It’s unlikely a shark would be attracted to a personal electrical deterrent from a long distance,” he says.


After assessing the pros and cons of both the brands and products, it is safe to assume that Sharkbanz is a more useful and reliable brand to use.

Though it may have some negative aspects, its advantages cover up for the flaws. In the coming years, Sharkbanz can overtake Shark shield and plenty of other brands which make shark repellents.

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