Lost Bottom Feeder Review

lost bottom feeder surfboard review

This is the lost bottom feeder and this is the newest evolution of small waves shredding from Lost.

The lost bottom feeder is a board just like you would think the name is representing, it’s made to excel at surfing the bottom end of what the ocean can produce.

So when you get into the flatter summer months and you’re looking for a small waves shred-stick, and you want to stay off the long board this is definitely a board to check out, and it’s extreme and it rips in small waves.

And a lot of people see a board like this and get kind of shy about it, they’re just like I just don’t want to have a board that looks that radical. In truth, you really need to try a lost bottom feeder surfboard.

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Lost Bottom Feeder Surfboard

Lost surfboards by Mayhem

Our RatingOur Rating

A board for shredding small waves on the bottom of the wave spectrum. This board thrives in the small surf.

  • Perfect for the smallest of waves
  • Holds speed while changing directions
  • Very light board in supercharger construction
  • Grovels very well
  • Can be a bit intimidating in more powerful surf.
  • Hard to handle at high speeds

My Review of the Lost Bottom Feeder Surfboard

This surf board is one that I personally really like.

The thing about this board is that it takes a one foot wave and you can get on it and you can push and turn and fly around the waves as hard as you can turn, and as fast as you can go and it just makes you absolutely laugh at how easy it is, compared to a lot of people that are struggling on their standard equipment.

So the lost bottom feeder surfboard is definitely a winner at the bottom end of the surf range.

Why does this board work so well?

The main thing is the flat rocker in the first half of the board.

This is the flattest entry rocker in the entire loss lineup; it’s got a little bit of belly in the bottom of the board to help it roll from rail to rail, then goes into a V with a slight double concave through the back of the board.

It’s also very wide and then it just has a smooth bump squash tail a little bit of a diamond out the back, so it’s just a really simple shape and all of these boards are quads and then they use a fin called the future controller, which is basically a variation of a keel fin but just cut in half.

And so you’ve got the long basis of keels, but in a quad, you’ve got a lot more control and those schedules in turns or late drops.

So the bottom feeder is going to be your ripstick for when the surf is small, we’ve got a couple of different constructions here as well.

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Supercharger Construction

The surfboard review I am giving today is on the bottom feeder in hydro flex supercharger construction, if you’re looking to get the most out of your small waves board, lightness is always a key factor and this is by far the lightest that you can get this board is in supercharger construction.

This model board has an EPS core and then it has the Hydra flex 3d rooted fiberglass and vacuum bag construction where it actually infuses the fiberglass into the blank when it gets sucked down, and it also sucks all the additional resin out of the board.

With the supercharger you can see the vent plug right on the top of the board, with a supercharger pump you can change the Flex of the board, so if there’s less air pressure in the board it’s going to have more flex, if there’s more air pressure in the board it’s going to have less flex.

So you want more flex when it’s choppy or bumpy on the wave face, and if it’s total oil then you can pump it up a little bit more and get it stiffer and it’s going to just hold into the face a little bit better and just give you more speed, and then you also have the ability to tune your Flex to your preference for any of those ranges as well.

So the supercharger is going to be your go-to board if you want to have something that’s just as light as possible, still really durable but just really maximizing your performance in small surf.

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Standard Polyurethane Polyester Construction

For your standard polyurethane polyester construction board this is also a lost bottom-feeder and this is standard PU blank with poly resin polyester resin.

This is going to give everybody a familiar feel so same blank as your high-performance short board, same glass job, and same resin as your high-performance short board.

These end up being a little bit heavier of a board, which is nice for people that want to have extra weight in their board and have a little bit more glide.

It’s going to be a little bit harder to throw around in the turns than the supercharger.

However, for the people that like that glide and like that damp ride this is definitely the way to go.

Additionally, on a lot of bottom-feeders get a little bit of a gloss on them as well, which ends up looking really nice when you’re out there on the small waves.

So overall, the Lost Bottom Feeder is a great small waves shred stick.

Well, that’s my lost bottom feeder surfboard review.

We took a look at the much lighter supercharger construction surfboard as well as the standard heavier board. I personally prefer surfing on the board with the supercharger and EPS core as it gives much better-customized experience depending on how you like to surf.

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