Super float and massive fun for all levels.

If you’re looking for a board that’s fun and lighthearted, but has the stability you need to have a good time, the Catch Surf Odysea is a solid option. The Odysea, a soft-top surfboard, revitalized a new set of foam boards that some refer to as “foamies" or "softies."

While you might not be able to pull massive cutbacks with the Odysea, this board is a freakin’ cork, with a 8/10 float.

The short story is this: the Odysea is perfect for beginners and intermediates and makes certain that surfers of any level get a fun surfing experience.

Competitive big wave surfers take heed: this is probably not the board for you - unless you’re Jamie O’Brien. While its float and stability make it a good choice for most levels, its lower functionality can present a challenge for experienced users.

The Odysea has both long and shortboard designs and comes in a variety of sizes. 

catch surf odysea review



Our #1 Rated

Odysea Skipper

Short board, fish tail, quad fin setup - great all around

Odysea Stump 

A 5 ft funboard meant for casual surfing and having some (excuse the pun) FUN

Wave Bandit Performer

Shortboard with a fishtail makes it perfect for the beginner surfing med-large waves

But wait! Beginners beware: before you jump in and pick a design, you have to learn how to avoid wasting money and time on the wrong board. That's the first step toward finding the one that is meant for you. 

odysea surfboard review

So then...which Odysea is right for me?!

You can't consider a board until you first consider yourself. Your height, weight, age, fitness level and skill level are key - as well as the beach and type of waves you and your board will hit. 

Let's say a novice surfer wants to get onto a beach with small, hard-to-catch waves. Which board? A longboard. It's suitable for both small waves and beginners. 

What about your wallet? They say "better surfer, better board" for a reason. Beginners and first-timers should look into lower-priced, entry level choices. 

Why shouldn't a novice get a pricey board? Because your surfboard will get easily beat up while in the process of learning. Don’t waste your bucks on one that may last you for a short time. 

Finally, surfers should be mindful of the surfboard's specifications: its capabilities and performance. Beginners, be on the lookout for safety features like upgraded soft-tops and focus on more stable, user-friendly surfboard options.

​Our Favorite Odysea Surfboards

Now that we've covered the basics, let's talk about the boards we've handpicked for you! These great boards from Catch Surf should work for surfers of any skill level, from beginners to veterans. ​



  • ​Type: Shortboard
  • ​Fins: Quad (4)
  • ​Tail: Fish


  • 5’6″
  • 6’0″
  • 6’6″

Catch Surf Skipper Review

The Odysea Skipper is a soft-top shortboard with the kind of performance that makes you forget you're riding a softie! This performer gives you maneuverability and graceful glide, with a sophisticated size and fish-shape that allow the possibility of those neat stunts!

And here's some specs. Equipped with quad fins, the Skipper caters to your need for speed and lets you pull off those hard turns in the small surf. All along, providing the stability you need to hold a line in bigger waves. 

In addition, the Odysea Skipper is constructed with dual-composite core for maximum stiffness, durable HDPE slick bottom, old-school PE deck and comes with triple maple stringers.

What does it all mean? 

The Skipper’s versatility makes it a great board for surfers of any skill level. As a soft-top surfboard, it provides considerable balance and buoyancy suitable for beginners. For veterans, the Skipper still certainly delivers a speedy, exciting experience. All in all, these qualities made it the first Odysea surfboard we wanted to review - and ended up bringing it right to the top of our list.  



  • Type: Funboard
  • Fins: Thruster (3) or Quad (4)
  • Tail: Square


  • 5’

Odysea Stump Review

The Odysea Stump is one of the shortest surfboards in this list. With only 5 feet in length, the stubby Stump looks like it’s been cut off from a longboard (hence, the name).

Where the Stump brags is in being lightweight and its appreciable stability and buoyancy. These qualities make it a good startup board for beginners or for those who want a little more float than usual.

The Stump gives you a choice for thruster or quad fins. Thruster fins give you the extra action and liveliness while quad fins are favored for its stability and hold.

Similar to the what we’ve mentioned in the Catch Surf Skipper Review, the Stump features stiff dual-composite core, durable HDPE slick bottom, old-school PE deck, and triple maple stringers.

Overall, the Stump is a good choice for smaller surfs or when you need that extra float without compromising the performance. Certainly, the Odysea Stump sounds like fun.



  • ​Type: Shortboard
  • ​Fins: Thruster (3)
  • ​Tail: Fish


  • 5’6″
  • 6’0″
  • 6’6″

Catch Surf Wave Bandit Review

The Performer takes your shredding to the next level. Its fish shape and thruster fins make it the surfboard for high-speed shreds, exhilarating tricks and having fun. Living up to its name, this Catch Surf craft is definitely a performer.

As with other Catch Surf surfboards, the Performer is built with a stiff dual-composite core, impact-resistant HDPE slick bottom, old-school PE deck, and triple maple stringers, similar to what we’ve seen in the Odysea Skipper review.

With its natural liveliness and performance, the Performer is best suited for intermediate to experienced surfers. Though, it still provides adequate stability and float for beginners, making it a good surfboard for any skill level, all in all.

​Honorable Mentions


​The Shred Sled comes as the smallest in this bunch. Measuring at 4 feet, this is the perfect surfboard for kids, beginners, or for the young at heart. Though compact, this thing is still good at catching those fancy surf breaks and works best for casual wave riding.

Wave Bandit Shred Sled is equipped with safety twin fins designed to provide a fun and playful experience to surfing groms. It is also built from a special dual-composite core formulated to be stiff and durable and comes with a high-quality leash plug and leash.

The kid-friendly Shred Sled will mostly cater to kids and beginners that are looking to start their surfing performance. Though, this surfboard can still provide an enjoyable experience for intermediates and veterans looking for some shredding and some waves to ride on.

// We looked around and you can find the Shred Sled here //


The Log is all about having fun, riding and catching the waves with ease and style! It packs more than enough float and safety features that make it a good surfboard for groms and beginners. Still, the Log will surely provide endless fun and satisfaction to surfing veterans too.

With its thruster fins, Odysea Log delivers a balanced surf with stability, control, and speed, where beginners can learn and pros can excel. It is also made from high quality, stiff dual-composite core, durable HDPE slick bottom, old-school PE deck, and triple wooden stringers. The Log is made available in 7’, 8’, and 9’ lengths.

​Altogether, the balanced build and user-friendliness of the Odysea Log make it a great board for surfers of any skill level, urging us to write an Odysea Log Surfboard review and deserving its spot as one of our favorites.


The Plank is the only surfboard in this catch surf review that comes with a single fin. Its longboard-single-fin setup makes sure you can easily catch waves and hold the line. What’s more, it comes with an adequate amount of float that also makes it an option for surfing-beginners.

Odysea Plank comes in three lengths—7’, 8’, and 9’. It also comes equipped with a 9” Performance Single Fin with a Special Fin Box that accepts any standard longboard fin. Following the Catch Surf’s high standard, the Plank is made from a stiff dual-composite core, triple maple-ply stringers, a heavy-duty HDPE slick bottom with bumper-tail, and an old-school PE deck with a throwback design.

The Odysea Plank is a good choice for surfers of any skill level. If you’re looking for a solid, soft-top longboard that performs, then ride the plank and be its captain.



The Odysea Thruster Fin Set upgrades the shore-breaking capabilities of your Odysea Stump Thruster. These fins have a stiffer inner core with a soft rubber edge and strong plastic screws for durability. Overall, it provides a better and safer surfing experience with your Odysea Stump Thruster. Odysea Safety-Edge Thruster Fin Set comes with:

  • Three 4.5” Safety-Edge Fins
  • ​Fin Key
  • ​Catch Surf Sticker

It comes available with the neon pink and neon lime color.

NOTE: Works only with the Odysea Stump.

//You can find a Thruster Fin Set here


Odysea Safety-Edge Quad Fin Set offers a more safe surfing experience and improves the shore-dumping potential of your Odysea Skipper or Odysea Stump Quad.

Like its tri-fin counterpart, the Odysea quad fin set is built with a stiffer inner core, surrounded by soft rubber edge, and supported by super-strong screws. Odysea Safety-Edge Quad Fin Set comes with:

  • Four 4.5” Safety-Edge Fins
  • ​Fin Key
  • ​Catch Surf Sticker

It also comes available with the neon pink and neon lime color.

NOTE: Works only with Odysea Skipper and Odysea Stump Quad

//You can find the Odysea Quad Fin Set here bros//



​Generally speaking, Odysea boards can be enjoyed by surfers of any skill level. Though it can be utilized best by those who hold a relatively good knowledge about surfing, beginners can also make use of the Odysea board as an entry-level board with its safety features and user-friendly attributes. In addition, experienced surfers can have a good time showcasing their skills and expertise.

If you’re a beginner who’s looking for your first board, the Odysea can be your training board—it can take a lot of beating with its durable and sturdy build. Meanwhile, intermediates and pros can unlock the potential of this performer.


Pros and veterans looking for the best-performing surfboard for their career should look at other places—the Odysea is best suited for intermediates and beginners. This doesn’t mean that the Odysea can’t perform though—it certainly can—but there are other powerhouse boards that are purposely made for professional surfing.


Surfboards, in general, require a great deal of time, commitment, and determination to grasp a knowledge in. Depending on the waves you’re gonna ride and the current skill level you have, you cannot master the Odysea in a day. Though, the Odysea has an easier learning curve over traditional surfboards—it’s safer and easier to use with its soft top and durable materials.


If you have the cash for an extra board, yes, the Odysea is worth the money. Though, if you’re still saving up for the Odysea, you might want to put it off until you gain a sufficient amount of surfing knowledge from your other board.


The Odysea is notorious for letting you ride those waves with ease and giving you those much-enjoyed air time. The Odysea delivers performance without compromising safety and stability. Depending on your skill and experience, breathtaking tricks and stunts can be made with this surfboard.


Companies such as BZ and INT produce soft-top surfboards similar to the Odysea. The main difference is the Odysea’s upper hand in terms of quality, technology, and style. For now, nothing beats the supreme yet safe shredding capabilities of the Odysea in the world of soft-top surfboards.


The Odysea gives you two choices—grabbing one of the Odysea fin sets (Odysea Safety-Edge Thruster Fin Set and Quad Fin Set) specifically designed for the Odysea, or going fin-less. Either way, the Odysea will surely provide endless fun for any kinds of surf.


Catch Surf is unparalleled when it comes to soft tops. Their high-quality boards with extreme durability and buoyancy certainly perform and feed your hunger for action. Whatever the skill level or type of surf, you can never go wrong with an Odysea.

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