The Absolute BEST Soft Top Surfboard Of 2019

I took my daughter down to the local Ron Jon surf shop and started checking out all of the soft top surfboards. After posting a video on my Instagram I got a comment asking “what’s the ?”.

So in this article, I’ve done extensive research on finding the best soft top surfboard for everyone’s budget.

Long Soft Top Surfboards


This foam top surfboard sticks with a traditional shape. It is a great choice for beginners and seasoned surfers, alike. The deck is made from polyethylene foam which allows for some give. The bottom remains slick to help with speed. This soft top board is made from heat-laminated composite and is hand-shaped.

  • Anti-slip texture (wet or dry)
  • Wooden stringers increase stiffness
  • Brand: Liquid Shredder
  • Model: LHSB126
  • Weight: 16 ounces
  • Rating: 4.9 / 5.0


When browsing foam longboards, this is a great choice for those just starting out. This foamie surf package includes a carrying case, traction pad, and fins. It’s made with a vacuum molded fiberglass epoxy and has an EPS core. This gives ideal buoyancy and helps assist in catching waves.

  • Lightweight (15 lbs)
  • Includes paint pens for personalizing
  • Comes with satisfaction guarantee
  • Brand: Gold Coast Surfboards
  • Model: pending
  • Weight: 15 pounds
  • Rating: 4.8 / 5.0


This board is great for big or small waves. The inside of the board is wood stringer, while the top deck is foam. The bottom shell is hard plastic which helps with stability. Although this board isn’t as maneuverable as a traditional longboard, it’s still a great option.

  • Attractive aqua-colored graphics
  • Long body (10.5 feet)
  • Leash is not very thick
  • Brand: Body Glove
  • Model: 11580
  • Weight: 13.7 pounds
  • Rating: 4.2 / 5.0

The Slasher is sold out..for an alternative to this check out the Wavestorm 8′ soft top board.

(click the link above to check the current price as it fluctuates)

The 8′ Wavestorm softtop a fantastic board that has some great reviews and is widely used by beginners.

  • Comes with tri-fin setup
  • PU Padded leash
  • Waterproof Core
  • Weight: 18 lbs
  • Rating 4.5 / 5.0

Short Soft Top Surfboards


When it comes to soft foam surfboards, Catch Surf knows how to keep it fun. The Odysea Skipper is made for fun, high-energy surfers. The board shape is stylish and sleek. It’s quad fun design assists with quick down the line movement. The board’s extra grip helps increase accuracy.

  • 6’0″ x 21.5″ x 3.0″ (48 liters)
  • No waxing needed: Built-in traction pad
  • Hi-performance quad-fin system with wake surfing fins
  • Designed in California by Catch Surf

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2. CATCH SURF BEATER (just for casual fun)

As with the Odysea Skipper, the Beater (also by Catch Surf) is designed with fun, speed, and stability in mind. The Catch Surf Beater is one of my favorite foam top surfboards for a more playful surf which has tweaked the original design, creating a new, innovative board. This product is fully customizable and pure enjoyment. Many pros endorse this board and use it themselves.

  • 54″ (4’6″) x 20″ x 2.5″ (30 liters)
  • Tapered D-rails and a twin-channel crescent tail for finless performance
  • Dual-composite core with twin maple-wood stringers
  • Traditional 8lb PE deck and impact resistant HDPE Slick skin

The Catch Surf Beater is great for going out to have a good time. They have several models to choose from”:
Check the latest Amazon price on the: dual fin, single fin, or finless models.


Unlike other foamie surfboards, this board is not flashy or overly designed. That being said, this product is a great choice if you are just starting out in the world of shortboarding. The Giantex 6’ board assists anyone in learning the basics and just starting out. Unlike some other soft foam surfboards, this product has more volume which helps catch waves more easily. The specs of this board make it an ideal choice for beginners and intermediate surfers. The top is made of soft foam while the bottom is a slick HDPE, which maximizes speed.

  • 72” X 20” X 3”(L X W X Thickness)
  • Fishtail design for speed and lift
  • Removable fins for easy transport
  • EPE deck and EPS core


This is one of the best soft top surfboards and is ideal for intermediate surfers. This model is somewhat shorter and more narrow than other products this brand offers. Because of this, it isn’t the best choice for beginners. The smaller size may be a bit more challenging to use, but it also allows for a whole new world of maneuverability.

  • Brand: Gold Coast Surfboards
  • Model: pending
  • Weight: 20.7 lbs
  • Easy maneuvering
  • Pvc-lined fin holes keep water out
  • On the higher price end
  • Rating 3.9 / 5.0


An option from one of the most notorious skimboard brands out there. Affordable pricing and durable construction.

Overview: The perfect option for beginners interested in getting into skimboarding.

One Positive Thing about the product: Capable of handling different weight limits

This model is very popular among surf instructors. The Bic Sport G-Board EVO is durable and reliable, making it ideal for surfing students and beginners. This board can take a beating and still hold up.

  • Brand: Bic Sport G-Board EVO
  • Model: 100100-P
  • Weight: pending
  • No waxing required
  • Accommodates all shapes and sizes
  • Includes thruster tri fins
  • Rating 4.0 / 5.0


Let’s look at a little surfing history.

In areas where surfing conditions are favorable, such as Hawaii, natives were among the first surfers. Surfing the waves was as much a spiritual experience as a recreational one.

When creating the first surfboards, wood was the material used. The designs were simple and the boards were very heavy.

Everything about surfboard design has evolved since those early days.

The length, the width, materials used, and shape varies from a surfboard to surfboard. These aspects are altered to fit the needs of each surfer based on preference and skill level.

Among the most popular variations, is the foam board.

Soft foam surfboards have become increasingly popular.

They are a particular favorite with instructors, surfing students, and beginners. Foam boards are very durable, which is ideal for those just starting out.

Think of it like a car.

For a new driver, you want something, sturdy, easy to handle, and cost-effective.

A foam surfboard is all of those things.

The cost alone is a great selling point for consumers. Foam board is significantly more affordable than a board made of wood or fiberglass.


As with most aspects of a surfboard, whichever size you choose depends on preference and personal style.

Longer, wider boards are usually best for those who are still beginners.

However, even intermediate and expert surfers may prefer a longboard.

They are great for long-breaking, small waves. So, if you are a surfer who typically encounters waves like that, you may always prefer a longer board even as your skill level advances.

Short boards are usually used by surfers with at least an intermediate skill set. The smaller boards take some practice to master.

Although, once you get the hang of it, they are very agile and fun. They can easily be maneuvered through the water. A short board is usually preferred for big pipelines.


Like most sporting equipment, life and utility rely on how you care for it.

Soft Top Longboards are among the most low maintenance on the market.

However, they still require some care.

Be sure to wash your board off with fresh water after each use. It’s important to rinse the salt water off as it can be corrosive to the material.

A good carrying case is also a worthwhile investment. This helps protect your baby and keep it out of the sun, which over time could cause fading or warping.

Most surfboards benefit from waxing before each use. The purpose of using wax on your board is to serve as a protective layer and to help prevent slipping while in the water. Even foam boards that have rougher textures can benefit from frequent waxing.


There are so many varieties of Surfboards on the market.  It can get a bit overwhelming.

The easiest way to go about selecting which type of board to buy is to break down each aspect. The first feature to look at is the board design.

Keep in mind your skill level and the type of waves you will most frequently encounter. These details will help you choose which design is best to suit your needs.

For novice surfers, it’s important not to spend too much time shopping all the specific details available when it comes to board design. In this case, basic is usually better.


This is feature is perhaps thought of the least by surfers, but it’s an important one. The volume of a board is directly correlated to skill level and wave type.

A surfboard with less volume is typically used by surfers with higher skill levels to surf bigger, trickier waves. Whereas a board with more volume is most useful for beginners surfing flatter waves. The volume is usually notated somewhere on the board.


This board feature is one of the most important to consider when shopping surfboards. It’s important to get a board that will last while you continue to grow as a surfer.

In this case, you get what you pay for. If you go the cheaper route you may be sacrificing on things like durability.

Buying a highly durable surfboard is a must. Even if it’s a little bit more of an investment, it’s certainly the better choice, as it will last much longer. The good news is that foamie surfboards are typically the most cost-effective. You can find an incredibly durable foam board for a wallet-friendly price.


The total length of a surfboard is measured from the very top (nose) to the very bottom (tail). Longer boards are best for beginners surfboards, whereas shorter boards are usually used by more experienced surfers.

Similarly, wider boards are most beneficial for new surfers while more narrow boards are more used by advanced riders. Usually, the bigger the board, the easier it is to use.



Wavestorm company's soft top boards

Wavestorm foam board is ideal for new riders.

The main selling point here is affordability. This brand is usually the most inexpensive.

They only have a few models to choose from, built all have solid construction. This is a great choice when shopping for your first surfboard.


For surfers who prefer shortboards, this is a great selection.

Catch Surf makes foam top beater boards that are no longer than 5 feet.

These boards are a little more versatile than a regular shortboard because they’re slightly longer.

This is good for days when the waves aren’t ideal for your shortboard. The Catch Surf foam top boards serve as an in-between of longboards and shortboards.


Boards made by Softech are as creative as they are high-quality.

These surfboards are handcrafted and have a variety of fun, artistic styles available. The company offers a wide variety of shapes and sizes. A surfer of any skill level can find a great board with Softech.


Storm blade company

Although a newer company, Storm Blade is making a name for themselves in the surfing world.

Their high-quality soft foam surfboards range from shortboards to longboards. They use the latest in surfing technology, including reinforced molded cores. Any surfer could find a board that works for them at Storm Blade.

Before concluding the article, here I must mention one of my guide on surfboard sizes and height chart, click here to know your best fit.

In conclusion

It’s our hope that you found this post helpful and maybe leave us with more knowledge than you came with. A foam surfboard is a perfect choice for a beginner surfer and a great choice for a veteran rider looking to change things up. In the end, it’s all about what works for you. Happy shredding!

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