The Best Bodyboarding Leash – 2019 Buyers Guide

The Absolute Best Bodyboard Leash Of 2019

You’ve been all up and down Amazon and can’t decide on the best body boarding leash for you and your beloved board.

Have no fear, I’m gonna go over my personal top 5 leashes you should absolutely check out if you’re in the market for one.

With such a wide variety to choose from, it can be daunting finding one that’s best for you.

There’s good ones, bad ones, ones that will last for years and some you shouldn’t even bother with. The 5 I’m about to go over are the best body board leashes you can get your hands on today.

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The Creatures of Leisure Bicep Leash

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Aside from its clean (formal yet here to party) design, it has some great functionality that you just might want to check out.

This leash was designed with function over form (while still bringing form to the table just as good as function)

It has a metal swivel connector that attaches the cord to the leash making it more flexible and more durable than any other brand I covered here.

  • Multiple Colors available!

​Body ​Board ​Leashes Reviews In 2019

1. The Creatures of Leisure Bicep Leash

This the big kahuna of bodyboarding leashes and is, in my opinion, the top leash you can possibly get your hands on for bodyboarding.

Aside from its many epic designs, it has some great functionality that you just might want to check out.

This leash was designed with function over form (while still bringing form to the table just as good as function).

It has a metal swivel connector that attaches the cord to the leash making it more flexible and more durable than any other brand I covered here.

With 360 degree movement, you can expect to have tons of maneuverability while still maintaining flexibility and durability.

Most leashes are usually made of plastic and tend to be less flexible because of that. Not this one.

Now, the bicep strap. It’s made to be non-slip using specifically designed neo-mesh material (patent pending) that prevents the cuff from rotating.

It’s extremely comfortable because it is lighter and thinner than most other brands with a more solid construction.

It also has a surefire leash release function made of injection moulded urethane. This construction creates holes that allows water to flow while reducing the weight of the cuff (solid!).

The coil is constructed of a web of coils that are grouped together, reinforcing the coil as a whole.

It’s made with what they call DNA Flex Mould (patent pending technology). The cord absorbs the wave impact and stretches up to 5 times its original length with the leash to resist breakage. Talk about durability and dependability!

The leash is actually beastly. It’s wide and uses as leash lock mechanism. It’s an advanced hook-and-weave design that is softer, lighter and 50% more stronger than traditional velcro. It can take anything you throw at it.

You can take it Teahupoo and have absolutely zero issues with any of the surf out there. It’s just that good. If you look at the pros, this is their leash of choice because it can handle heavy waves.

I highly doubt there’s any other company on the market making something that can compete with this one. It’s built “Ford tough” and made to last. This is one your momma would be proud of.

It comes in many different styles and just looks absolutely cool regardless of the style you choose. Aside from styles, there’s plenty of sizes and colors to choose from, so make sure you pick one that is right for you!

2. The Pride Bicep Leash By Pride Bodyboards

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This leash is extremely well constructed. It’s comparable to the Creatures of Leisure leash, but with a few different features.

The bicep strap is actually a stretch fit leash, making it comfortable with or without a wetsuit.


The bicep cuff was created with a neoprene lycra finish, making it more comfortable for the wearer.

This is a difference you can feel because it makes it lighter and hides so much that you may not even notice you’re wearing it.


It doesn’t appear to be as durable as compared to the Creatures of Leisure leash. I’ve noticed it tends to break a little more easily.

Even with this downside though, I still find it to be an excellent leash with its 7mm urethane cord and double stainless steel swivels.


Quality​Our Trusted Rating

This happens to be my personal favorite. It is a narrow bicep strap that is so lightweight, you may even forget you’re wearing it at all.

While its a bicep leash, its narrow construction uses less material while still bringing reliability to the table.


It has a neoprene comfort liner, a flat top anchor, and comes in 42” coiled or straight cords. It’s durable construction makes it perfect for any occasion.

I forgot to mention the double-swivel stand-off design…making it strong AND flexible. It also comes with a velcro strap which makes it significantly easier than normal to attach to the bodyboard plug and string.

Although, most bodyboarders end up removing this feature because it does add a hefty amount of length.


The leash is a little long and the coil isn’t exactly compact. Not to mention the velcro coil to plug connector adds a significant amount of length to this leash.

I ended up removing the connector to get rid of some of its length. That’s the only big drawback for me is the length of the leash. If it could be reduced or made tighter, I’d be its biggest fan.

4. The Creatures Of Leisure Wrist Leash

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Once you get down in the list and make it to the #1, you’ll see this same brand make it to the top. This particular wrist leash has the same durable parts and materials that you’ll find on the #1 leash. The only difference between this and the #1 pick is where it is used.

The Creatures of Leisure Wrist Leash is a step above the #5 spot. It may not have all the fame and following as the Science Bodyboard brand, but it’s practical in more ways than one and worth the investment.


While it may not be as stylish as the #5 pick with all the colors you can imagine, it is definitely more flexible and stronger than the Science Bodyboard brand wrist leash.

I would depend on this one way more than the Gyroll because of that reason. If you’re up against some big surf, you can count on this one holding up due to its well-constructed coils and rubber outsole adding more flexibility.


​Not as many colors to choose from as its competitor Gyroll, but I’m okay with that. This is way more dependable in the long run. After all, isn’t the point to have more dependability than style? Come on now dude.

5. The Gyroll Wrist Leash

QualityOur Trusted Rating

If you’re the type that prefers to have your leashes attached to your wrist, then you’re probably already familiar with the Gyroll Wrist Leash. This is one of the top choices you can get – if you’re after style points.

Designed by the one and only bodyboard guru, Mike Stewart, and developed by the Science Bodyboard brand, you can expect to have a timeless leash here as it is a classic amongst bodyboard groups.

Most surfers around the world adore the Science Bodyboard brand and will sport everything from the bodyboards they create to wetsuits and everything in between. Let’s get into the pros and cons of the Gyroll Wrist Leash.


​This particular wrist leash comes in so many colors, if you’re trying to be one of the more stylish on the water – this will help you achieve that. Aside from it’s retro style making you look cool, the coil is actually pretty compact. It reminds me of that classic 80s/90s toy that would contract and expand. What was it called again? Oh yea, a slinky! This behaves just like that when your hands are around the nose and railing.


It’s materials aren’t really durable. Made of cheap plastic, it tends to be on the brittle side along with not being as flexible as others.

This make it its biggest weakness as after normal wear and tear, it can break in large waves making it to the very bottom of this top 5 list. I wouldn’t depend on it if you’re looking for something that will last you a lifetime.

If you’re looking for more style points than actual use over time, look no further than the Gyroll Wrist Leash.


​And there you have it folks! My Top 5 best bodyboard wrist leash for you to check out today! We went over a few different options and finally came down to the number 1 best bodyboard leash, the Creatures of Leisure Bicep Leash. From my testing, I really like it & would not hesitate to recommend you. it is overall the king of bodyboarding leashes.

I hope this top 5 has made you make an informed decision and until next time….ride safely my friends! Peace!

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