The Best Bodyboard Fins Of 2019 (Honest Reviews)

In this post you’ll learn the perfect bodyboarding fins for your specific skill level and wave type.

You can’t even compare going out and hitting the waves without fins and when you’re out on the water with them.

best bodyboard fins on beach

It’s clear – the best bodyboard fins on the market today can help you propel through the water way faster than normal and trust me, you don’t want to be last out on the waves when you can have the upper-hand (or feet) over everyone else.

But, let’s first take a look at some of the key benefits of using swim fins before I go over the best bodyboarding fins IMHO.

Spending money on fins?

Having the right fins is crucial, but if you’re taking the time to look into them a bodyboarding leash should be the second accessory on your list. It’s all too easy to lose a board or worse become a hassle with the wrong leash. For more and to see the best leash for you click here.

​The Absolute BEST Bodyboard Fins Review For 2019

We have tried many different types of swim fins in our testing. Some were great and some were just so-so. There are many options available on the market today, so it can be hit or miss on finding a great pair. We did all the hard work so you don’t have to waste your money on something less than desirable.  Below are some of the best bodyboarding fins available today!

1. Hydro Tech 2 Ocean Fins

by Hydro

​Most people say Hydro Tech swim fins are the absolute best bodyboarding fins available on the market today. They aren’t wrong. Hydro Tech took some extra time to add some unique features to their fins that even won them an Australian design award. How’s that for awesome?

They have a patented V-Rail design that gives you a greater surface area to paddle with which effectively gives you greater thrust.

They also designed it so that each foot is specifically tailored for the natural movements your legs make when out on the water. It’s basically an extension of you.

Hydro Tech also chose to use T Form and added drain holes which makes them remarkably comfortable while removing the build-up of water you might experience from other fins. No build-up of water means less drag which means the more power you can create to accelerate.

The only downside to these fins is that they’re more tailored for you if you’re looking to increase your speed. It isn’t made for long-distance swimming, so keep that in mind if you’re considering this pair.

2. Da Fin Swim Fins

by DaFin

​These swim fins originated in Hawaii many years ago and are now known as one of the best pair of fins you can get for bodyboarding today. They’re basically ambidextrous meaning: if they should fall off under the water, you can wear them on either foot. There’s no set “left and right” fin.

They’re lightweight and made of material so that it won’t sink into the sea should you lose a pair. They’re also endorsed by the USLA (United States Lifesaving Association) for lifeguards and open water rescuers. My guess is – they know exactly what they’re doing.

One downside is that they do tend to catch a lot of water when you’re flipping through barrels. I’d recommend wearing a fin leash to make sure they don’t slide off when you’re riding.

3. The Churchill Makapuu Pro Bodyboard Swim Fins

by Churchill

Made by professionals, for professionals, the Churchill Makapuu Pro Bodyboard fins were made specifically for pros after going through many rigorous tests.

After many prototypes, the one we all get today is the end product made to give you added power and comfort when you’re out rockin the waves.

They have a built-in neoprene pad to add with comfort. They even use a stiffer rubber to give you the added thrust you need to take on those huge waves all day, every day.

Another bonus of the Churchill Makapuu Pro Bodyboard Fins is the added tethers that make it so you never lose them. Talk about awesome, huh?

The downside here is there’s limited sizes and colors, especially if you choose the pro version.

4. The Fishtown Swim Fins

By Fishtown

If you’re looking for extra power boost, the Fishtown Swim Fins come with a lengthy sole plate so that when you kick, you can feel the difference. Having this extended sole plate will ultimate safe your feet from fatigue so you can have more time out on the water.

For comfort, the Fishtown Swim Fins have rotating hinges on its adjustable straps that are made with dependable materials so that your feet stay comfortable all of the time. It also has an open heel design that will make them last for years to come without fading. It’ll still look good after a years of getting battered on the waves.

I should mention some of the drawbacks though. They aren’t necessarily the best option for advanced bodyboarders given the shape of the foot opening.

They also don’t come in many colors, so if you’re looking for style, you may want to look somewhere else. However, if you’re looking for comfort and reliability, I’d recommend checking out the Fishtown Swim Fins.

5. Cressi AGUA Short Swim Fins

by Cressi

These fins have been on the market for well over 70 years. There’s a good reason why too: they know how to get the job done.

While they aren’t the same as the old Agua Fins, they are significantly shorter. That’s a trait that many boarders can appreciate.

Don’t worry about how short the fins are though, you’ll still get great acceleration because of how lightweight they are.

One bonus about the Cressi Agua Short Swim Fins is the self-adjusting foot pocket which gives added flexibility and comfort while giving you extra buoyancy so you can focus on the waves and not on your power.

Now, there are a few drawbacks I should mention. You won’t get the best power out of these due to how short the fins are, but this makes them perfect for ankle flexibility and traveling.

Also, if you’re looking for many style options, this one does not provide that. There’s not many colors to choose from if that’s your thing.

5 Benefits Of Using Bodyboard Fins

Quicker Acceleration

Like most people out there, you’re probably familiar with using your feet instead of bodyboarding fins. While that’s completely okay, if you’re looking to step up your speed, you won’t want to miss out on the best bodyboarding fins out on the market today.

Picture this – you see one of the best waves you’ve seen in a minute and you want to get to it as fast as possible for a huge jump.

How are you gonna do that without swim fins? If you’re wearing swim fins, you will tell the waves how fast you go instead of the other way around. They’ll help you catch a ton more waves than if you didn’t have them on. They’re basically like using hacks back when cheat code central was a thing for PS1 gamers and the like.

More Control

Control is good (unless it’s your nagging wife trying to stop you from having fun on the waves), especially when you’re in control. Using bodyboarding fins, you’ll harness the power of your adrenaline when you’re roaring down a tunnel on the board King Neptune would be jealous of.

You won’t necessarily have complete control, but wearing some effective swim fins will help you determine every turn you would want to take. Trust me, there is more control in your surf when you’re wearing a pair of swim fins.

Big Waves are ALL YOURS

Big wave

Just like with any sweet ride you get, you’ll get bored of the smaller waves in no time. They just won’t cut it. Soon enough, you’ll be day dreaming of the bigger waves and crushing them like never before.

If you aren’t wearing swim fins though, your dreams may crash sooner than you’d expect. They’ll help you control your waves and with that, control your acceleration.

Using the best bodyboard fins out today, you’ll guarantee you’ll have a heads-up before you tackle the monster waves.

Life Saving? Maybe.

Regardless of the size of the wave, you can’t guarantee you’ll be 100% safe on every wave – even the small ones. After some time, you may bail…hard…on your face. It’ll hurt like hell and you may even lose your board. Don’t fret though…you’ve got swim fins.

Wearing swim fins can help if you get caught under water by helping you reach the surface much quicker than if you were barefoot.

Not only that, but you’ll reach the shore even quicker, even if you’re hurt. Think about it: swim fins could save your life.

Long Live the Fun

You chose to tackle the waves head-on. If you wanted to be bored, you’d sit on the beach watching everyone else have fun.

That’s not you though. You want it all. You want all the fun and you know that using a bodyboard without fins can get really boring really fast.

Don’t miss out on all the fun you could have because you didn’t want to take a look at the absolute best bodyboarding fins review on the planet. Let’s go!

In Conclusion (and my final thoughts on the best bodyboarding swim fins)

And there you have it – the best bodyboarding fins reviews for buyers (because everyone buys what they really want today).

You now know exactly how you can hit the waves running and what bodyboard fins will serve you best. If you’re looking to increase your fun and satisfaction, you’ve found one way here to do just that.

Every fin reviewed here is high quality, so no matter what you’re looking for, you’re sure to have the most fun possible. The only question to answer now is, “what pair do you want to buy now?”

​As always, have fun, be safe, and I’ll catch you next time!

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