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Why Are Paddle Boards So Expensive?

We’ve all been there before.. You decide you’re going to try out something you’ve never done before, such as SUP surfing, and you start to look up the necessary gear for your new hobby. Seems simple

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Quad Fins vs Thrusters: Which Setup Is Better?

There’s quite a few questions I get asked on a daily basis, but the one that stands out to me the most is, “do you think it’s best for me to use a thruster or a quad?”

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How To Read Waves When Surfing: 9 Rules & Mistakes To Avoid

So, one of my closest friends is just now picking up surfing and asked me, “how exactly do you time waves when you’re out surfing?”

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How To Wax A Bodyboard For The First Time (The Right Way)

You’re probably thinking, “are you supposed to wax a bodyboard?” and if so how do you do it? I mean, if you want a rough time and zero fun, no. But, if you’re looking to have fun on the waves...

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The Ultimate Where To Surf Directory

The Ultimate Where To Surf Directory So you’ve strapped your surfboard up to your roof of your car, you have your gear packed up and are ready to get freakin shacked but your next section is “where

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Guide To Surfboard Sizes – Height Chart & Guide

My brother comes with me to the beach every other week or so, and after getting excited while watching he frantically whips out his cell phone and watches countless YouTube surf sessions.

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