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Do you enjoy paddleboarding? Or maybe you enjoy regular kayaking?

You can do both when you get a kayak SUP hybrid.

Not only do these vessels have many of the same features found in kayaks and SUP boards, but they also offer several important benefits.

So if you’re thinking about buying a kayak SUP hybrid then here are five reasons to help you make up your mind.

5 Reasons To Get a SUP Kayak Hybrid

1. You Get The Best of Both Worlds

sup kayak hybrid

Both kayaks and SUP boards have their distinct strengths and weaknesses. In contrast, kayak-SUP hybrids offer more options.

For example, they allow you to paddle standing up whenever the water’s calm or when the wind currents are in your favor.

You can also keep standing whenever you want to see down into the water.

On the other, you can also sit down whenever you get tired or when you end up paddling into a headwind.

You can even try lying on your belly or on your back if you feel like relaxing for a bit.

Certain kayak-SUP will allow you to do so, and there’s more.  

There are customized kayak-SUP hybrids which allow people to do all kinds of activities.

Take fishing for example. Fishing kayaks are designed for fishing activities.

Well, certain kayak-SUP hybrids also have the same features, but unlike dedicated fishing kayaks, these vessels can be used for other activities, like relaxation or even exploration.

In any case, kayak-SUP hybrids are more flexible than the vessels on which they are based.

So if you’re looking for a more versatile alternative to kayaks and SUP boards then you should consider getting a hybrid instead.

2. You Can Save A Lot of Money With a SUP Kayak Combo

Some people buy SUP boards while others purchase kayaks, but you won’t have to purchase either if you choose to buy a kayak SUP hybrid.

Kayak SUP hybrids incorporate many of the features found on most kayaks and SUP boards. Some even come with built-in accessories while others have more innovative components.

The average kayak costs around $275 to $500, while low to middle-quality SUP boards cost around $500 to $1000. In contrast, the average kayak SUP board hybrid is around $600 to $1000, and for this price, you get the same features found in both kayaks and SUP boards.

So there’s no need to buy either since you get most of the best features out of a single item.

The same is also true for most kayak and SUP board accessories.

You usually can’t use a kayak’s accessories on a standard SUP board, nor can you use a SUP board’s accessories on a standard kayak.

So if you decide to buy a kayak and a SUP board then you will need to set aside two separate budgets for each of their accessories.

You won’t have to worry about this problem if you buy a kayak SUP hybrid, because you will only need to buy one set of accessories for a specific type of vessel.

3. Kayak SUP Board Hybrids Are Very Flexible

paddleboard kayak

Both kayaks and SUP boards have certain limitations. For example, most kayaks do not allow their passengers to stand on top of them.

Inversely, SUP kayaking is often difficult if you don’t know how to stand on top of a SUP board correctly.

A kayak SUP board hybrid does not have any of these limitations.

You can stand or sit on a hybrid without too much trouble, and with the help of the right set of equipment and accessories, you’ll be completely comfortable while doing so

Furthermore, many kayak SUP board hybrids were designed for all kinds of waters, and they are not limited to specific activities.

You can use them for exploration, recreation, fishing or even relaxation.

So they are really flexible, and with the help of a few accessories, you can make them even more versatile and easy to use.

The point here, though, is that hybrids generally have more to offer than either kayaks or SUP boards, and that’s something to keep in mind.

4. You’ll Have Less Work to Worry About

Both kayaks and SUP boards require cleaning and maintenance. They also need adequate storage.

So if you decide to buy both types of vessels then not only will you need to wash, clean and polish both of them, you will also need to look for adequate storage.

Buying a kayak SUP board hybrid drastically reduces these responsibilities.

Instead of setting aside adequate storage space for two separate items, you will only need to do it for one.

Moreover, you will also have fewer problems with regards to secondary items, like paddles and seat pads since you only have one set of items to worry about.

More importantly, though, cleaning and maintaining a hybrid is easier than cleaning either a kayak or a SUP board, let alone both of them.

Kayak SUP board hybrids are very durable vessels so you won’t need to worry about wear and tear after a few years have passed, and because they lack complicated parts, you won’t have to worry about cleaning either.

You can clean most hybrids with simple cleaning items found at home, and you won’t even have to do it very often.

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5. You’ll Develop Your SUP and Kayak Skills

sup kayak hybrid fishing

Riding a kayak can teach you how to paddle sitting down, and riding a SUP board will teach you how to paddle while standing up.

However, when you ride a kayak SUP hybrid, you’ll learn both types of skills since you’ll be able to do both whenever you want.

Furthermore, riding a kayak SUP board hybrid will allow you to experiment with different types of kayaking, and from there, you’ll also be able to develop a paddling style that is compatible with both general kayaking and SUP kayaking.

So if you’re a big fan of kayaks and SUP boards then you should take your passion one step further by buying a kayak SUP hybrid.

Not only do they offer a wide variety of benefits, but they’re also quite fun.

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