Top 10 Best All Around Surfboards Of 2019

There are many different surfboard brands, and if you’re someone who is just getting started into surfing, it can be a challenge knowing what brand to choose, and which boards to be avoided.

The following list contains my top picks for the best surfboards, ranked from #1 to #10


The top 10 list below with my personal impression of the surfboard lineups in the industry as well as just how popular the brands are, however each surfboard is different.

So run through the following list and check them all out, because your situation is likely different then mine.

Take this post with a grain of salt. All of these manufacturers make excellent surfboards which is why I mention them. #4 may very well make a better bike FOR YOU than #2.


1. MARK PHIPPS ONE BAD EGG [Good All Around Surfboard]


Never has there been an egg with an attitude to receive fame and performance recognition before. A mid-length that we’re all crazy to have! Get your feet atop the Mark Phipps One Bad Egg and discover its incredible power, balance, and sleek proportions. It’s an absolute dream to paddle in small surf, and a smooth ride to catch large waves in the deep waters.


The legendary board shaper Mark Phipps who’s been shaping as long as he’s surfing patterned the One Bad Egg from the traditional mid-length surfboard.


He made a modern twist to an “old-school” design and came up with sleek lines of a performance egg that can out paddle any grom or longboarder. It’s the best egg in the market which allows for easy paddling and wave catching at top performance level.


The One Bad Egg has a flat and slightly concave outline. It has low soft round rails, rounded pin tail, and low full nose rocker among other features. The design keeps your balance and prevents you from nose-diving into the sea.


It also gives the board great maneuver, full speed and power, and more options. There’s so much drive and hold at the bottom which can be fantastic in the bigger surf.




Shaped and developed by Timmy Patterson who is a second generation board shaper, he combined functional and innovation to produce a classic surfboard design. The California Classic is recommended to be a custom order board which is glassed in the T. Patterson Surfboard factory in sunny San Clemente California USA. It is the Old Man special, the best option if you want relaxation over high-performance surfing.You could enjoy cruising too with this reliable T, Patterson California Classic.


You could not get as classic as this iconic board available in two sizes and volumes. The width can go 1/4” wider or narrower, and the thickness can go 1/16” thicker or thinner. You can order the tail in squash or round design with a single fin set-up either in future side bites or FCS-2 side bites. The outline of this longboard gives you excellent balance, and the central volume generates magnificent momentum to keep you ride the waves in a smooth glide.




Pyzel Phantom is a modified version of the Ghost shaped for surfing in less than average conditions.  One of the top surfboards is Phantom. It is the current favorite surf board model of John John Florence, the 2016 World Champ and labeled as the best surfer alive. He collaborated with Jon Pyzel to create award-winning surfboards which he had ridden along with other best surfers of the world.


The Phantom has the Ghost rocker, but with additional single concave so, it is flatter along the center. This variation gives you a more concave shape and straighter rocker down the center.  The fuller and more parallel outline helps create momentum, speed, and lift without affecting its overall performance which is patterned on the Ghost. So, even when the waves are less than epic you can still maneuver it for more progressive surfing.


The step-down version of the Ghost has an additional width in tail and nose with roughly 1/2 inch wider in size, and the rails are full too. The added volume gives you more flotation and stability especially in slower sections and tight turns.  With the Phantom, it is easy to surf even when the waves are smaller than your usual everyday sessions since it is designed for thigh high up to slightly overhead surf.


4. Slater Clymatic


Kelly Slater on the Cymatic surfboard is a fantastic sight to behold. Watch his video at Haleiwa on top of this high-performance board as they compliment each other, man and machine. You might say “Oh that’s Kelly’s surfing abilities.” But honestly, I haven’t seen him trestles the waves on a shortboard like in this video. The board looks lightweight and easily maneuvered and gives much power.


Designed by Daniel Thomson, it follows his highly engineered hull designs. The deeper quad inside single concave, double bat tail, and increased rocker make Cymatic an ultra high performing machine. There is more lift in the tail, which gives it a bit more hold than the Sci-Fi. With the deeper channels, the board generates more speed by climbing and dropping.


The shape of the Cymatic board is an evolved version of both Omni and Sci-Fi. The combination of designs is a brilliant idea: the double bat tail adds more grip which offsets the extreme lift and speed caused by the quad inside single concave.  With the Cymatic shorter nose, it reduces swing weight and increases ease which creates a super agile hybrid machine. You can see how Slater whipped the board back and forth quickly in overhead waves.


5. JS Industries HYFI Monsta Box


The Monsta Box is the hybrid of Monsta 3 and Black Box 2, another well-received shape from JS Industries. A combination of two designs, the result is a versatile, all-around performance shortboard for your average to critical surf conditions. Under the front foot, it has a simple, single concave which flows through a light double concave through the fins. It has a flat rocker and tuned nose and tail that carries a lot of speed and flow. It made it to this list because it’s up there with one of the best shortboards of all time.


6. Firewire Vacay


If you’re looking for fun surfing during the summer, the FireWire Vacay is the classy and coolest choice. It gives a new definition of leisure cruise across flat sections but works in the pockets too. It can easily be a favorite entry-level mid-length surfboard with its “learn to surf” capability. You can bring your surfing to the next level since it has more volume and stability. It also works with competent surfers seeking more glide and maneuverability.


The Vacay has a similar shape and an extension design of the Greedy Beaver. The difference between the two lies on the halfback outline of the Vacay with the wide squash tail and its single concave that splits to a double towards the tail. The variations add a loser feeling at the back foot so you can pump the board a bit more to create a smooth glide onto a rail and generate carves that accelerate you down the line.

7. Rusty Yes, Thanks


The Rusty Yes, Thanks model is a well-accepted addition from Rusty Surfboards. A full-performance surfboard for various wave sizes from knee-high to solid overhead surf. The features include a single concave which splits into a double through the fins and tail, full rocker through the bottom, and a little wider than the normal tail block. Another feature is the additional bump in the outline at mid fins which acts as a pivot to enhance turning ability. Altogether, these elements create a versatile and forgiving design.

8. Bradley Mr. Bean


Christian Bradley of Bradley Surfboards, whose niche is performance and his credo is creativity, developed the wave-catching machine ,Mr Bean. His aim is to create a board that works for all  conditions while user friendly at the same time. Finally, we have this hybridized design that gets more waves than a longboard but with the maneuverability of a short board. The Bradley Mr Bean is the winning choice if you’re an improving surfer looking for your first shortboard.


The Bradley Mr Bean is very responsive because of the width under the chest and nose for added volume to catch wave entry easily and to turn quickly. It has incredible speed and drive that take even the most difficult sections. The thicker rail line, the bottom contours, and volume distribution allow you to ride it even though you struggle to put your feet in the proper position. If you’re looking for balance and stability, this board is for you.


9. Chemistry RoboTwo


The Chemistry Robotwo is a high-performance fish for small waves surfing, a perfect summer board.  With its typical fish shape, it has a single concave to deep double barrel concave at the back of the tail with five fin set-up either in the thruster, quad, or twin fin. The design keeps the board fast and loose to maximize performance in handling waves from waist high to overhead and also responsive to a more challenging surfing conditions.


10. Lost


Designed for smaller summer waves, from knee-high to just overhead, the Lost Puddle Jumper surfboard strikes a balance between wave catching ability and speed generation. It makes carves, gouges, and above-the-lip surfing very precise. The outline width maintains down-the-line glide when you turn sharply and quickly. The concave bottom increases the lift but still maneuverable. The relatively straight rail line and Vee in the tail keep the momentum and balance when executing hard carves maneuver.

(imo this is one of the best boards for small waves)


Tips on getting a good price on any given surfboard:

Surprisingly enough, the price of new surfboards doesn’t depreciate all that much. Typically after the second you use a new board, it will likely depreciate 10-15% but it holds its value over time unlike a car or other large ticket item.

Other than the aforementioned small initial depreciation, the price has a tendency of staying the same for quite some time. If you check eBay or Craigslist you will notice there are a TON of recently sold surfboards. There are plenty of consumers willing to purchase something that is 1-2 years old for a couple hundred dollars of the sale price.

Ideally, if you’re more focused on saving money and finding a budget board, the most important thing is to just be really patient. By sitting back and waiting for the right price, you can passively scour Facebook groups, Craigslist, and eBay looking for the model you wanted in the first place for cheap.

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